But don't take love off the table yet

I have it all figured out.

  • S1 was when Morgan and Reid began dating and acted like total boyfriends, not much angst and pain.
  • S2 they were trying to hide it, except Morgan almost gave everything away with Tobias Hankel.
  • S3 was also hiding, and had the first angsty moments with Reid talking to Morgan about his childhood.
  • S4 was pretty much the biggest M/R angstfest, and after what happened in Amplification they finally decided to get married.
  • S5 was more hiding.
  • S6 was a buttload of hiding, with some fleeting hubby moments when they were alone in the bathroom. Then in the season finale they said screw it, everyone probably knows already.
  • S7 is the season where the husbandry prevails, with some prank wars to keep things exciting.

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